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Biggest storage rack manufacturer from Guangzhou

Pallet Rack

Pallet rack, also know as “box beam rack” is the most common pallet storage racking found in warehouses today.It is designed to maximise your space and make your job done easier!

Customized Steel Mezzanine Racks

Mezzanine Racks

All composite racking structure, fit for much higher warehouse, storage goods by manual and storage generous quantity goods.The shelves in first layer not only for storing goods, but also for supporting the second layer.

SGS Approved high quality steel structure garrett

Steel Structure Garret

Steel structure garret is suit for high warehouse, light cargo, pick by man and large storage quantity situation, which can increase the using space.

Best Selling Steel Shelves

Long Span Shelves

If our warehouse space is limit, we need to find a way to make full use of the storage space. Actually, the long span shelf, can improve our warehouse space in an efficient way.


How Do You Know About the Mezzanine Storage Shelf System?

Nov 02, 2019   

Mezzanine Storage Shelf System is to build a middle loft on the existing work space or on an existing shelving system to increase the storage space. Two or three level of the floor is optional according to different need. These customized multi tier racking system is suitable for storing some light and small pieces of goods with a large number of varieties or varieties of small batch goods. Normal...

How Does a Storage Rack Realize Its Value in a Warehouse?

Nov 02, 2019   

When you buy a thing it is definitely because you need it, so that what you bought can realize its value. So the same as buying a warehouse storage rack. Next, let us talk about how does a storage rack realize its value in a warehouse. 1.Definitely, if we use the warehouse storage shelf, we can save a lot of space and the space that we saved can put more products, which is very useful for us. 2. I...

Wide/Long Span Storage Shelving System-Most Suitable For E-business

Nov 02, 2019   

We HLD Racking also provide simple warehouse shelves system that suitable for manually selection for the e-commerce warehouse. Why these e-commerce warehouses need long span storage shelf? Because their products are usually with various styles which including: daily necessities, clothing, small items, foodstuff and so on. In the current Internet era, the development trend of e-commerce is more and...

Warehouse Flow Racking Systems Save Labor Costs and Increase Business

Sep 25, 2019   

If your goods are store by cartons, accessory boxes or recycle containers and with a short-term storage period, carton flow racking systems are recommended for them. Fluent wheels are directly connected to the support beams and the cartons or containers are positioned on a slant so as to make use of the goods weight to achieve the flowing process. This warehouse flow through racking is very suitab...

Main Features of Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

Sep 23, 2019   

When we mention the Heavy Duty Rack, normally refer to the Beam Type Pallet Rack-the most common form of shelves. Fully assembled structure in the form of uprights plus beams, the structure is simple and effective. According to the characteristics of storage unit of assembly equipment, functional accessories such as beam support, steel panel (wood panel), wire mesh, oil drum frame etc. can be equi...

What should be considered in the design of heavy duty warehouse racking?

Sep 12, 2019   

First of all, we need to know that heavy duty shelves are shelves for heavy load goods, and they can store goods in a well-organized way, so that goods are easy to handle. Before purchasing, we can consider from the following aspects: 1.Surface Treatment: make sure that whether the warehouse racking systems have been rust-proof treatment and electrostatic spraying plastic spraying etc. 2. Warehous...

Features and Application of Drive in Racking System

Sep 09, 2019   

Warehouse Drive in Racking is also called Straight in Racking, which is composed of uprights, shelf beam, diagonal bracing, guide rail, foot guard and back bracing, etc. There are mainly two features of the Heavy Duty Drive in Racking System. 1.Thew forklift can drive directly into the shelf area, suitable for storing large quantities but small variety of goods, with high space utilization rate. 2...

How to Connect Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking Systems?

Aug 30, 2019   

Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking Systems are the most widely used form of racking system in warehouses. Generally, it is used for placing goods that stored directly on pallets. One Heavy Duty Storage Shelf is composed of upright post, horizontal beam, cross brace, diagonal brace and self-locking bolt, which can effectively prevent the shelf from losing stability if the bolt was loose. The beam is made...

Some Tips For You Before Purchasing the Warehouse Racking Systems

Aug 26, 2019   

Heavy Duty Racking Systems are necessary storage items in warehouses nowadays, which are widely used in various types of warehouses. Only when the warehouse space is enough, Customized Storage Shelves can be made to the most suitable size according to the space. Usually we should consider the following aspects when purchasing warehouse storage racks in bulk: 1. Stability of storage shelves, which ...

The difference between light duty warehouse rack and heavy duty warehouse rack

Aug 16, 2019   

Nowadays, light duty warehouse storage racks are applied in many industries, but to distinguish the light duty storage shelves from heavy duty storage shelves, the first step is to sort out several common warehouse storage shelves that belongs to light duty storage shelves and their components. 1.Upright: If the upright post is made of 38*38 angle steel, it is definitely light duty storage shelves...

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