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Biggest storage rack manufacturer from Guangzhou

Pallet Rack

Pallet rack, also know as “box beam rack” is the most common pallet storage racking found in warehouses today.It is designed to maximise your space and make your job done easier!

Customized Steel Mezzanine Racks

Mezzanine Racks

All composite racking structure, fit for much higher warehouse, storage goods by manual and storage generous quantity goods.The shelves in first layer not only for storing goods, but also for supporting the second layer.

SGS Approved high quality steel structure garrett

Steel Structure Garret

Steel structure garret is suit for high warehouse, light cargo, pick by man and large storage quantity situation, which can increase the using space.

Best Selling Steel Shelves

Long Span Shelves

If our warehouse space is limit, we need to find a way to make full use of the storage space. Actually, the long span shelf, can improve our warehouse space in an efficient way.


Warehouse Cantilever Racking Systems

May 17, 2019   

Benefit by combined structure, the Warehouse Cantilever Racking Systems is suitable for storing irregular goods as well as long material, ring material, sheet material, pipe material etc. According to the carrying capacity, the Cantilever Storage Rack System can be divided into light load, medium load, heavy load. It can also be divided into Single-sided Cantilever Racking or Double-sided Cantilev...

4S store mezzanine shelving system

May 10, 2019   

Mezzanine shelving system in 4S stores can be designed according to the structure and appearance of various auto parts, such as tire rack, glass shelves for windshield, wing fender rack etc. which is very professional. Generally, there are two forms of shelves in 4S stores: one is in the form of medium duty shelves, the other is in the form of attic shelves. The mezzanine shelving systems have the...

Drive in Warehouse Racking

Apr 30, 2019   

Drive in Warehouse Racking is also called warehouse aisle racking, a kind of continuity racking system which is not divided by aisle. Pallets are stored on the supporting guide rail (corbel beam) in the direction of depth, one after another, which makes high-density storage possible. Drive In Racking System is suitable for the storage of large quantities of homogenous products with small variety. ...

Do You Know the Long Span Shelving System?

Apr 26, 2019   

With the structure of vertical frame and crossbeam, the Long Span Shelving System is very easy for assembly and disassembly. Each level is adjustable every 50mm, and the average load for this kind of Long Span Racking System ranging from 200-1000kg. Shelf span up to 2400mm, steel panel, (plywood) wood panel and wire mesh panel etc. can be used as shelves. With the tension between beam and upright ...

Selective Pallet Racking Systems

Apr 19, 2019   

Crossbeam Type Rack is also called the Selective Pallet Rack or Warehouse Pallet Rack, is the most widely used pallet type goods storage shelves, with strong versatility. Along the width of the warehouse, the Selective Pallet Racking Systems are divided into a number of rows in which there is an alley for stacking cranes, forklifts or other handling machinery operation. And along the length of the...

Wire Decking Is Also Important To Pallet Racking System

Jan 04, 2019   

Safety always comes first when refer to any warehouse environment. Not only the safety of the warehouse operators but also of the products which stored on the racking system. Wire mesh decking is very common as a safety method on pallet racking system. Wire mesh decks are mainly composed of mesh pieces and reinforcing bars, most of the mesh pieces are galvanized treatment, some are also spray trea...

Warehouse Shelves Are Needed Especially in Christmas Season!

Dec 25, 2018   

Christmas holidays push a big amount of sales for shops and merchants, but also bring them a trouble of how to deal with a jumble inventory. Warehouse storage shelving is needed as long as your goods need to be stored in a well-organized way. These steel storage shelves can maximize the space of your warehouse, workshop or stores etc. Goods which store in the shelves are safe and not easy to be pr...

How to build a better pallet racking system?

Dec 21, 2018   

Every warehouse situation is different, so different warehouse has different needs of pallet racking systems. You need to figure out what types of racks are suitable for your warehouse. A variety of pallet racking options can fit your needs according to the type of inventory you deal with and the order flow. So the question is how to build a better racking system for your warehouse? The following ...

Hot Sale Warehouse Rack- The Long Span Shelving

Dec 14, 2018   

Our hot selling warehouse shelving rack- the Long Span Shelving offers optional length from 800mm to 2400mm for storage space to meet various customers' need. With simple structure and easy to install, these shelves are very perfect for warehouse, workshop, showroom and garage use. Each level of the shelves can bear 200-1000kg on averaged load. These long span shelves can also be fully adjustable ...

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