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Biggest storage rack manufacturer from Guangzhou

Pallet Rack

Pallet rack, also know as “box beam rack” is the most common pallet storage racking found in warehouses today.It is designed to maximise your space and make your job done easier!

Customized Steel Mezzanine Racks

Mezzanine Racks

All composite racking structure, fit for much higher warehouse, storage goods by manual and storage generous quantity goods.The shelves in first layer not only for storing goods, but also for supporting the second layer.

SGS Approved high quality steel structure garret

Steel Structure Garret

Steel structure garret is suit for high warehouse, light cargo, pick by man and large storage quantity situation, which can increase the using space.

Best Selling Steel Shelves

Long Span Shelves

If our warehouse space is limit, we need to find a way to make full use of the storage space. Actually, the long span shelf, can improve our warehouse space in an efficient way.


A New Type of Racking System-Cantilever Pallet Racking

Jul 06, 2018   

Maybe your favorite team has stopped in the 2018 FIFA World Cup games final 8,but life needs to move on. Let's get down the business. Today we are going to introduce a new type of composite racking system-the cantilever pallet racking, which is not familiar with most people. can be to suit the warehouse and very suitable for long figure or bulky items such as steel tubing, timber, piping and furni...

Commercial Racking Systems

Jul 02, 2018   

The 2018 FIFA World Cup games are getting more and more exciting lately. Did your supported team win?The World Cup helps push the sales of various products but at the same time bringing much pressure for the warehouse. Do your warehouse or workshop needs some commercial racking systems to reorganize the messed things in a good order? Racking systems like the heavy duty cantilever racks,commercial ...

Maximize Your Storage Space Is No More A Dream

Jun 22, 2018   

2018 FIFA World Cup games have been in progress lately.Did you cheer for your favorite football team?At this special season,there must be a variety of items or promotion gifts around this World Cup theme which need to stored in a warehouse waiting to be on the market. But lots of merchats will have a feeling that their warehouses are always running out of space at this promotion season. Actually, ...

FILO Push Back Racking Systems

Jun 15, 2018   

Push Back Racking Systems are designed for first-in,last-out(FILO)operation mode and are made up of upright frames,beams,carts and rails etc.The Push Back Racking allows the pallet carts to move along the pre-designed inclined rails. Goods that are loaded the first will be taken out lastly. While unloading, the front pallet is taken out,then the following pallet will slide down automatically to th...

Selective Pallet Racking-Your Always Choice

Jun 06, 2018   

At any time, the selective pallet racking always ranks at the top among all the inquiries for storage racking systems.As we all know that selective pallet racking is one of the most economical and practical racking systems in warehouse solution. The upright frame of our rack is assembled by upright post with some bracings, and horizontal beams are normally fixed to upright post by hooks.Each layer...

How Can I Choose My Pallet Flow Rack?

Jun 01, 2018   

Warehouse Pallet Flow Rack is evolved from the medium storage rack. The fluency strips are connected directly to the front and rear beam and also the middle support beam, then the beam directly hung on the uprightpost. The installation slope of fluency strip depends on the size, weight, packing case and the depth of the pallet flow rack, usually take 5% ~ 9%.Normally, the bearing capacity of a flu...

The Reasons You Choose it - The Flow Through Racking

May 25, 2018   

Flow through racking, also known as pallet flow racking or carton flow racking, may not be well known by most warehousing people.The biggest feature of this type of rack is the equipment of roller rail system, while the racks show a certain slope, so that the goods can take advantage of the goods' weight when sliding down from the loading area.Thus, the principle of "first in, first out" is implem...

Release Your Space by VNA Racking

May 21, 2018   

Still worry about no enough storage space? If your warehouse allows a narrow walkway, you need to focus on the Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking. This is also a type of pallet racking but specially designed for high density warehouse. By turning left or right by forklift or masts or forks, a very narrow aisle pallet can be reached, reaching the maximum height of 14 meters. The walkway is only sligh...

Cantilever Racks Are Introduced To Your Warehouse

May 14, 2018   

When running a warehouse,the operators would hope that all of the products are regular shaped items so that can perfectly fit on a standard size pallet.But in a real situation,you will deal with all kinds of odd shaped items, either are too long, or too irregular to be stored on the traditional shelving like pallet shelving.Then what can we do in this situation? Why not consider customized cantile...

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