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Biggest storage rack manufacturer from Guangzhou

Pallet Rack

Pallet rack, also know as “box beam rack” is the most common pallet storage racking found in warehouses today.It is designed to maximise your space and make your job done easier!

Customized Steel Mezzanine Racks

Mezzanine Racks

All composite racking structure, fit for much higher warehouse, storage goods by manual and storage generous quantity goods.

SGS Approved high quality steel structure garret

Steel Structure Garret

Steel structure garret is suit for high warehouse, light cargo, pick by man and large storage quantity situation, which can increase the using space.

Best Selling Steel Shelves

Long Span Shelves

If our warehouse space is limit, we need to find a way to make full use of the storage space. Actually, the long span shelf, can improve our warehouse space in an efficient way.


The Benefits of Warehouse Mezzanine Racks

Apr 16, 2018   

Perhaps when you first begin to use your warehouse, you will feel that there will be enough space left. But as time grow by, your operations have grown and you will be more and more pressed for the limited space. Would move to a larger place be your only option? Of course not, customized heavy duty mezzanine rack is an effective way to increase the storage space for your warehouse. What benefits c...

How Much Do You Know About The Gravity Racking

Mar 30, 2018   

When mention about the gravity rack, many people still have no idea of what kind of rack it is. In this article, you will have some knowledge of it. Actually, the Heavy Duty Gravity Rack is evolved from warehouse pallet racking, with the following features; 1.No limit for pallet size, can be designed to suit various size of pallets. But load capacity per pallet is normally no more than 1000kg. 2. ...

Why Radio Shuttle Cart Is Important To Customized Shuttle Racking System

Mar 30, 2018   

Warehouse radio shuttle rack, also know as “radio shuttle cart racking” is one of the most advanced racking found in modern warehouses today. The radio shuttle cart, as an essential part in customized shuttle racking system,is famous for the following features. 1.Motor with famous brand Use LENZE motor, origin from Germany, compact dc permanent magnet motor, quality assurance. 2.Energy storage mec...

Why Choose Our Longspan Shelf

Apr 16, 2018   

Customisable Our longspan shelving is available in a variety of heights, lengths,widths and configurations enables the shelving system to be tailored in order to meet different customer's need. Reasonable You don't need to find a professional wholesale longspan shelf factory or a wide span shelving factory any more, cause we are! We offer high quality shelving system and attentive service with fav...

Drive-In Racking Systems: A Solution for High Density Storage Warehouse

Apr 16, 2018   

In recent years, many customers call China warehouse drive-in racking manufacturers and say they want drive-in racking to hold 1,000 pallets or more than that. Which indicates that the drive-in racking system might be a first choice for a high-density storage warehouse. This kind of warehouse racking system requires the use of suitable forklift trucks that can drive into the lane to storage goods....

Innovation on HLD Racking From Shelfexpert.com

Mar 09, 2018   

Are you still looking for a professional long span rack shelving factory or radio shuttle racking factory? Let's keep an eye on HLD Racking because recently a large-scale, high quality,continuous automatic spraying production line was introduced by our factory.  This technical innovation will save us much time and labour. With higher working efficiency and lower cost on labour, we are ability...

Longspan Shelving Easy Assembly

Feb 13, 2018   

Customized steel storage longspan shelving produced by HLD Racking can be assembly fast and easily. The longspan shelving is best suited for those products need to be handled manually.It is mainly composed of three parts the upright,beam and panel.Various beam options like P type beam or embracing beam are available depending on different customers' requirement of load capacity.That is why they ar...

What is the Purpose of Customized Mezzanine Shelf?

Feb 13, 2018   

Do you need a Customized Mezzanine Shelf to improve your warehousing efficiency? With our ideal storage solution plan, you are not being charge by local authorities for using overhead space of your building. Customized multi tier racking is a form of racking system that uses the same components from selective pallet racking or longspan shelving. And this multi tier racking is normally builded into...

The Application of Radio Shuttle Cart Racking

Feb 01, 2018   

In modern warehousing world, much of the topics is focusing on automation and efficiency. Customized radio shuttle racking system, greatly different from traditional racking system, not only has a higher warehouse utilization rate, but also breaks through the traditional that normal racking system can only achieve single mode like first in first out(FIFL)or fist-in last out(FILO). Let's have a loo...

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