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Radio Shuttle Racking

Radio shuttle racking

Heavy duty storage radio shuttle racking
  • Heavy duty storage radio shuttle racking
  • Heavy duty storage radio shuttle racking
  • Heavy duty storage radio shuttle racking
  • Heavy duty storage radio shuttle racking
  • Heavy duty storage radio shuttle racking

Radio Shuttle Racking

Radio shuttle is a racking system relies on electric pallet runners automatically high density pallet storage on racking rails it has three major parts rack, pallet runner and forklift.

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Heavy Duty Storage Radio Shuttle Racking

Storage Radio shuttle racking is suitable for those big quantity but small variety goods like foods, beverage , chemical and tobacco industry especially popular in refrigeration storage house, Compared with Drive-in rack the radio shuttle has greatly make full use of warehouse space, improved the work efficiency , can store high density products and besides no need forklift entry whilst store and pick up goods.

Product Names:

Radio shuttle racking/storage rack/warehouse storage rack/storage shelf

Features of radio shuttle rack:

1) High-density storage, high storage utilization

2) High efficiency, greatly reducing the waiting time

3) Job flexibility, the goods can operate FIFO model and LIFO model

4) Safety, reduce shelf impact and improve safety productivity

The rail guided vehicles compact rack system(RGVCRS) achieves,the semi-automatical compact pallet storage, by this combination with the channel racks and rail guided vehicles. According to the locations of in or out entrance, the RGV could be sorted two kind of model, first in first out(FIFO) and last in first out(LIFO).

radio shuttle storage racking

We offer design customized, so need following rack's factor:

Any types of racks,shelves, adjustable storage racks ,warehouse shelves,also parts for it like beams , upright post .etc...

Weight of goods( include pallet or container)
Dimension of pallet and goods(WxDxH)
Pallet's entrance of fork direction
Storage ares( Length, wide, height)
Type and parameter of forklift( include lift height and turn radius)

Storage goods quantity and storage requirement.

Sample :

we will send you sample for your reference, but have to pay from your side;

And we will refund the fee once you have an order with us!


Our free services include consultations and sample CAD layouts

of your proposed rack system. Don't hesitate to consider reviewing

the racking systems on site or at our headquarters.

Get the racking system you need at the best price guaranteed.

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Heavy duty storage radio shuttle racking

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